So I don’t have many vices. I hope I’m using that word correctly. What I mean is I have any crutches or bad habits like- I don’t drink alcohol (maybe once or twice a year, I’ll save that for another time) I don’t gamble, I don’t play video games – other than candy crush while waiting at the DMV (that doesn’t count). BUT, I do enjoy hunting…for bargains. I really do. I admit it. It may not be the most masculine “vice” to have, but man do I enjoy a good bargain! And the thrill of the hunt. Searching through racks – I’m skilled at finding the highest quality items on the sale racks. But it has to be a quality bargain- 99¢ store bargains don’t do it for me.

I know when Barneys warehouse has their 60% off everything on their site, and I wait for it.

I look forward to mundane holidays like Presidents’ Day and not because of the three-day weekend for the kids, or my affection for presidents (of course not our current), but for Nordstrom racks “clear the racks” events. Additional 25% off all clearance!


Saks Off5th



It is hard to not go into one of these places when I drive pass them.

Loehmanns used to be in the rotation, too- sadly, they’re gone.

I am an elitist when it comes to apparel, yet I’m cheap. I won’t pay full price. I would much rather pay $175 for a pair of sneakers that were originally $600 than pay $100 for a pair of sneakers full price- but that’s a no brainer, right?

It doesn’t only pertain to personal items – I purchase for my two sons, my wife, my brother, and my niece. Often times I find something that is such a great deal I have to go through a Rolodex (for those that don’t know a Rolodex is like a contacts list in your phone- but it used to be like a tiny 360 degree ringed binder filled with hand written contacts) in my head to see who this would fit.

Earlier this week I stopped into Marshall’s and found a Paige leather biker jacket for my wife- regularly $895 for $29.

At Nordstrom rack last week a $1,995 Mulberry handbag for $589.

At Saks Off5th an awesome pair of Célene sunglasses $525 regularly for $150.

At Marshall’s I found a AG windbreaker pullover – reg $295 for $20

The downside is I sometimes buy items that never get used. Either wrong size or just not flattering. But that comes with the territory. One day I will wear those tan pinstriped suspendered Rag&Bone pants. Until that day comes they will sit in my closet, or trophy closet – if you will, where they’ve been the past 3 and 1/2 years.


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