I run…on a treadmill. It’s my thing. My favorite is running on a manual treadmill. But it is beginning to become a problem.

I run on average 5- 10 miles a day/ 5 days a week in the gym. I prefer the manual treadmill (by woodway curve).

Let me get to the beginning. Growing up I didn’t play any sports and I enjoyed Taco Bell and all-you-can-eat buffets. Not a good combination. Freshman year in college I started running. It began with a running class. We’d run at different paces every morning for 90 minutes. I loved it- with the exception of water running. Wed go into the Olympic sized pool and run laps…in the water. I felt ridiculous it looked ridiculous and when you’re in water – how do you know you’re getting a workout if you can’t see and feel the sweat! That’s the whole point. However, with the running I immediately noticed results- physically. It was awesome!

But there was something about pushing myself- running the fastest and the farthest that really resonated with me. I think it may be the runners-high people often talk about. (Like back in October a fellow runner at the gym stopped me after my run and said, “Are you high? How was it?”

Confused, I cocked my head to he side trying to understand- do they think I’m a drug addict? Dealer? Is this a racial attack? Do they think I’m someone else that gets high with them behind the gym before working out? I have never used drugs in my life – with exception of trying marijuana twice/ once when I was 18 and once when I was 28.

“From the run, you looked euphoric the last few minutes when I saw you going at it.”

“Yeah – it felt great.” I said.

Whatever it is, once I start running I cannot stop. Literally can’t stop. Here’s where the problem comes in- I want to lift weights. Weight training has so many benefits I’d like to partake in. So, each time I go to the gym my goal is weight training…with a short 1-3 mile warm up. Ninety percent of the time I go 6 -10 miles, leaving me too tired to lift or out of time! And even when I’m trying to be strict and stop at 2 or 3 miles, inevitably someone gets on the machine next to me and then (of course) I am forced into a competition. Even though they may be unaware that they have just entered a race.





Regardless if I’ve already run 3 miles before they showed up. I have no choice but to keep running until after they’re done.

Now, having a wife and two sons I try to keep some balance in my life. So I limit my gym time to 2 hours per day. Meaning all my gym time is taken by the treadmill. But I want to be stronger and to have larger muscles. Look better with my shirt off. Be comfortable at he beach. But instead I run.

My phone step tracker. Tracking steps. So much pressure. Judgement. If I see less than 12,000 steps when I get to bed I feel guilty. Lazy and ashamed. All you had to do was take steps – and you couldn’t even do that. Good night.

So that’s my problem with the treadmill. If you were hoping for a resolution at the end of this, I apologize, there is none. I wish there was. But I just ran 9 miles today.


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